About Dan Tyree.
Dan Tyree is married with ten kids so far, and knows that your home creates the environment for your family life. Dan has designed imaginative modern, castle, beach and craftsman homes throughout the world. He spends all of his time with his wife and kids, staying busy with homeschooling, cooking, leather-working, and driving the dirt roads of Oklahoma. Dan believes in slowing down and enjoying a simple life, and designs his homes to encourage these things. View a map of his projects on the Clients page. Call or email to setup a meeting to discuss your project.
918 516 8811
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Questions and Answers.
What's your mailing address? Dan Tyree, P O Box 1372, Owasso, OK 74055 We purchased PDF or CAD files. When will we get them? Our delivery system for digital files is not automated. We like to send out files personally to each client. You will receive an email with the files attached, or with download links (for larger files). Has anyone built these plans? Do you have pictures? Yes. You can view pictures of built plans on each plan page (if available) or on our Client's Photos page. Do the plans include material lists? No. We recommend having a local material supplier or lumber yard generate a material list for you. You can also get a material list and framing plans from Lowe's Home Improvement. How much does it cost to build a plan? We don't provide cost estimates. The price to build a home varies by state and country. We recommend that you show the plan to 3 or 4 builders where you are planning to build, and get thumbnail pricing from them. This will allow you to connect with builders, and move forward with your project easier.
Can we return our plans if we change our mind? No. Because it is very easy to copy a set of plans before shipping them back, we cannot refund plan purchases after they have shipped, or after digital files (or download links) have been sent. Do you have a military discount? Although we wholeheartedly support the US military's defense of our freedom, we don't have a military discount. We strive to provide affordable plans for everyone. Are you an architect? No. In almost every state in the US, a person is not required to be a licensed architect to design homes. Dan Tyree operates under the Oklahoma Architecture Law Statute, Section 46.21b, C. What is ICF? ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Forms. It is a foam block used to construct walls. Once the blocks are stacked in place, the interior of the blocks are poured solid with concrete. They are very energy efficient. We offer an ICF version of most of our plans. I'm a publisher. How do I start selling your plans? You will need to contact Dan Tyree to setup a publishing agreement, and then you can download artwork and video code from our Publishers Page.