Kariboo is the perfect modern getaway home with living spaces on the upper floor, and plenty of covered parking and storage below. The flat roof is slightly sloped and capped with metal to provide snow removal. The balcony can be fitted with radiant heating for snow removal as well. The lower floor mechanical space provides easy installation of the heating and cooling ducts in the floor and roof truss system. The exterior features commercial style windows and cable railing.
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathrooms
  • 35' wide, 35' deep and 21' high.
  • 930 sq. feet of living space
  • 788 sq. feet of additional space (110 storage, 678 parking)
  • 1718 sq. feet under roof
This plan is designed with concrete basement walls and a concrete slab on grade at the parking and storage. The upper walls are wood framing with r19 spray foam insulation. The floor system is pre-engineered wood trusses. The roof is standing seam metal, a plywood deck, and pre-engineered wood trusses.
  • 8' ceilings throughout
The exterior is finished with stone and stucco over a waterproof barrier and wall sheathing. Photo Albums of construction in Uruguay
House Plans - $1100
Plans do not include engineering for a specific state, or an engineer's stamp. Contact us for a quote for engineering or revisions. The plans include the following:
  • Floor plans. Views of each floor, looking down from above. They show window and door locations, room dimensions, plumbing fixture locations, etc.
  • Exterior Elevations. Flat views of the outside of the house, looking at the front, left, rear and right.
  • Building sections. Views of the building if you were to cut through it.
  • Foundation plan. This plan shows the location of footings and concrete slabs.
  • Floor Framing and Roof layouts. This plan shows the outline of the floor truss systems, and slopes, valleys, ridges and hips on the roof.
  • Wall Section. A detailed view showing how the walls are assembled.
  • Electrical Plan. Outlets, switches, lights and fans are shown on the floor plan.
  • Details and Notes. Construction notes and typical details.
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