We Create House Plans!

At DanTyree.com, you will find the most unique collection of house plans available, all created in our design studio. Bold and dramatic styling with relaxing, functional floor plans. Our affordable plan bundles include PDF, CAD and Sketchup file formats. Free priority shipping on all printed plan orders.

Dan Tyree's Home Design PhilosophyHome designing is more than just drawing. It’s the ability to visualize the spaces in a house, and make them fit together properly. Popular home styles have changed throughout history, but people have stayed the same. They still feel comfortable in spaces designed around their needs. Rooms which are the right shape and size. Details with the right proportions.

Dan has spent his life designing homes, and creating the fine details which make these homes comfortable and beautiful. Designing the place where you build your family relationships. Your Home. Read Dan’s Thoughts about Combining a Beautiful Home and a Sweet Life.


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Custom Designs

We’re excited that you’re considering a Custom Design. Creating a new home design is what we enjoy the most. It’s an intensely creative process, and one that sometimes stretches the limits of what everyone thinks is possible. We know that you’re here because you aren’t satisfied with typical homes, and want a residence that meets your expectations.

Because 99% of our clients are at a distance, we’ve developed a technique for communicating that is a combination of modern and old-fashioned. Your emails and phone calls will be directly with Dan Tyree. There is no middle-man, and Dan doesn’t “farm” out his designing to others.

We provide a protected login and client page on dantyree.com, where you can view renderings, drawings and PDF files. You can also watch videos, check your invoice, thumb through an archive of sketches and make secure payments. Get Your Design Started


Get a Price to Change a Plan

Found a house plan you like, but need changes made? We can revise our stock house plans to meet your needs. Here are a few things we can do:

  • make a room larger or smaller
  • add a bedroom
  • move or add windows and doors
  • re-design a kitchen
  • re-design a bath
  • make taller or shorter ceilings
  • revise the plan to fit your specific lot
  • change the location of the garage