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Worn Out

I’m about to change the selection of Bible verses on my website. In deciding what verses to display instead of Psalm 127, I’ve been thinking about all the strong reactions I’ve gotten over the years. On one end of the spectrum, I’ve talked with...

Til the End of the World Rolls Round

Why do we build houses? Probably so we can admire the beauty of a man-made structure. Probably so we can stay cool when it’s 110 outside. Probably to have a place to watch TV. Probably to keep all our stuff safe. Maybe. I think we need homes to provide a place...

Luther and Lutherhaus

I recently read a biography of Martinus (Martin) Luther by Bainton. It’s an amazing story of a German monk who saw the errors in the Roman church, fought aggressively with words and writing, and was arguably the most influential person in the Reformation. He...

Barns Before the Industrial Revolution

I received an email from a potential client, who is interested in using a restored barn frame for his home. In researching the barn frames available from Heritage Barns, I watched this video. This video from HeritageBarns touches a deep yearning inside me for a time...

My Refuge and Fortress

Every day I share the creative work that comes from my mind, and from my tired fingers. In my “Dan’s Thoughts” section, I want to share some of the things that I feed into my mind, that make me who I am, and that fuel the creativity. One of those...

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